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Crockpot Recipe Contest

A Crock Cook is hosting a monthly recipe contest for tried and true recipes… I entered one of my favorites: Easy Chicken and Biscuits.  You  have a chance to win a $50.00 gift certificate. Go check it out HERE!


Need a meme?

Pick a meme, any meme at The Daily Meme where Gary has been kind enough to list memes for every day of the week. He even added Freezer Food Friday! Go check out his site and find something to blog about!

You think I use my crockpot a lot?

Checkout this gal who is going to use her crock everyday in 2008! You have my permission to visit her, but don’t forget your first love!

Contest Time at Splat Designs

Splat Creative Designs is having a contest.
What you need to do…
Sign up below and leave a link to your blog.
Copy and paste the contest image somewhere NOTICEABLE on your blog with a link back to this site.

If you win, this is what you get…

A custom (new/beta) template with colors, textures, sidebar categories and added to your blog.
If you want a collage header it will be included… but if you want a special illustration or image (from istockphoto or similar) the credits will be given out with the top 3 winners.
The winner will be drawn on October 4th.

Terrestria Chronicles Contest

Enter to win the complete set of Terrestria Chronicles on the HSB Company Porch! All winners will be chosen at random. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter. You must live in the U.S. You can view official contest rules HERE. Contest ends September 24th.

I am seeing pink!

The nice folks at 5 Minutes For Mom are giving away a Pink Dyson , and you DON”T have to be a blogger to enter!

Go check it out!

Hey Blogger Bloggers!

Go check out these words of wisdom from Kisses of Sunshine and then follow her advice. Thanks for your cooperation!


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