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Happy Birthday to Peter!!!!


Our oldest child and only son, Peter turns 12 today. Although he was born a month early ( see our miracle story HERE ), he is just a smidge shorter than I am.

We took him and 6 of his buddies ( and his tag-along sister ) out for a bowling and pizza party.  They all had a great time.

 I will try to post a picture of my ” baby” later today.


Taking a blogging break…

Won’t be too long but while I am gone I have an assignment for you! Browse the recipes I have posted ( there are plenty) and make sure you comment on those you like so I can feel the love when I return!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Today was our homeschool Hallelujah Dress Up Party. We took the kids to a pick-your-own farm. The kids picked apples, took a hay ride and played with their friends. Dress up was optional but the kids did want to this year, so here are pictures:

Tonight we took the kids to carnival sponsored by several neighborhood churches. Free games and refreshments as an outreach to the neighborhood. We skipped the ” Haunted House” as we heard it was based on real life horrors ( abortion etc. ) and took the kids out for dinner.

OK, I realize the pictures are uneven and mismatched in size, but I am too tired to figure it out!

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Today, Norman and I have been married 18 years! Amazing!

Though neither of us come from traditional intact families we promised each other that we would set the example and break those generational shortcomings.

Little did he know what he was getting into, and he has been everything I could hope for. He has been so much more patient and understanding than I. He has made a wonderful husband to me and father to our kids even though he never had those modeled in his own life.

Happy Anniversary Honey! I love you!


Naomi’s New Room & Her Latch Hook Project

Here are a couple of pictures of Naomi’s new room …. Norm did a wonderful job on it …..

And this is Naomi’s 8 month Latch Hook project… finally completed!

Need decorating help…..

Here is the bedroom set we bought for Naomi ( dd 8 ).

Do we paint the walls pink and the window frames trim in cream cottage finish to match the furniture?

Guests at my bird feeder

These ducks live the high life, they have been frequenting my front yard and picking up the bird seed that has been scattered by the birds and squirrels. They have also been known to visit the neighbor’s goldfish pond for a dip. Too cute!

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