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Need a meme?

Pick a meme, any meme at The Daily Meme where Gary has been kind enough to list memes for every day of the week. He even added Freezer Food Friday! Go check out his site and find something to blog about!


Have you been Blogged?

I joined, if you are unfamiliar with this site, you can read about it HERE . If you enjoy my blog, please feel free to go review it HERE. I am interested in what you  have to say, and any suggestions on how to improve my blog are welcome!

Feed Burner

I just added the feed burner icon to my blog for easy subscription! This is a great way to see whne my blog has been updated. I also did it for my Greatest Hits blog. I hope this helpful to any and all readers of my blogs.

Hey Blogger Bloggers!

Go check out these words of wisdom from Kisses of Sunshine and then follow her advice. Thanks for your cooperation!


Blog Stuff…..

Here are a couple of sites that offer cool tech tips on blogging:

Blogging Basics 101 offers how to tips for Blogger, Type Pad and WordPress ( today’s tip is on how to add music to your blog )

Blogger Tips and Tricks is another place that offers how to tips.

I hope this is helpful!

I ROCK! Really!!

Renee at Renee’s Ramblings said so. A little appreciation goes a long way. I started blogging to have a place to share recipes ( mostly untried ) and found it a great way to also share sites and coupons. Then I discovered Memes and it has helped my blogging I think. I blog much like I talk – not much unless it is something I really like.
Here are a few more Rockin’ Girls
Leni @ Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing the Hard Way – She has great information on Alternative Health and Diet ( Feingold ), Debt Reduction, and is a home school Mama. Check her out!
Jaybird – Loves her boys, her Pepsi and is a fellow Literati addict.
There are a few more, but some have already been nominated, some are not frequent bloggers, and some blogs I am unsure if they are public! I really do enjoy visiting many blogs and am honored by those who visit here.

Time for a face lift…..

Help me decorate my blog space. I am toying with the idea of having a template made. What should I ask for/how should it look? Do I need a new name? Who does good template designs? Post your ideas and comments and help me out!

( I am going to make this a sticky post for a week. Scroll down to see new posts. )

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