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Another Birthday

Today my “baby” hits the big time, gets double digits, turns 10!!!! She has changed so much this year.  Gone is (most of ) the stubborn ” You can’t make  me ” little girl. She has become a big help around the house. She is ” Sweetie Petitie ” , a little short on one end, vertically challenged ( takes after her mom ).

If you are new to this blog ( or new to me ) HERE is  her birth story along with my son’s, and an explanation of my liver condition. If I disappear for a few days, it usually means I am in the hospital dealing with an infection.

Today we plan on seeing UP, grilling steaks,  and for birthday ” cake ” an Edward’s Cookies & Creme Pie ( she found it in the freezer and said ” Can I have this for my birthday? “. Who am I to deny her?


Comments on: "Another Birthday" (2)

  1. Those are miracle stories. Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  2. It is SO hard to watch our kids grow up – and yet so exciting to see the small glimpses of who they might turn into. Very bittersweet.

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