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Comments on: "Slow Cooker Beef Burgundy" (5)

  1. Dorothy Stinnett said:

    I just tried the Slow Cooker Beef Burgundy and for the most part it came out great. However, I followed the recipe to the “T”. When we sat down to eat it, I rewatched the TV Show and they added the following” Small onions cooked and button mushrooms.” They were added a couple of minutes before finishing. These were not included in the recipe. I think that they should have been included.

  2. Yeah, I find that most of the time a recipe is a fine place to start. I am all about adding and subtracting.

    Glad you enjoyed the recipe.


  3. Tom Vincent said:

    Oh baby. A+

  4. […] is a chef to watch, and I love, love love America’s Test Kitchen. I got the best yes, BEST recipe EVER from them for Beef Burgundy. I consulted with my expert on French cooking (my […]

  5. I made this on stove top, cooking for about 2 hours instead of putting it in a slow cooker. I substituted four tablespoons of flour in place of the tapioca, and added half of the bacon (chopped) to the stew. I also used an entire bottle of Pinot Noir but then followed all the other directions. It came out FANTASTIC.

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