In by noon or your money back!

This is a free style recipe and can be changed to include whatever you have on hand.

I usually start by cooking and serving a Oven Stuffer Chicken for dinner, remove all the meat from the bones and place meat in one container and bones in another ( I use plastic bags ).  The following day I place the bones in my crock-pot, add chunks of onion, carrots and celery, along with fresh herbs ( this time I used dill and parsley ) and black pepper. Cover with  equal parts chicken broth and water.  Let cook all day.

 About 45 minutes before dinner, strain bones and veggies out of broth. Bring to a boil on stove top.   Add fresh chopped veggies ( celery, onion carrots ( I used some zucchini this time) ).  Then add pasta or rice. I uses orzo this time but have used bow ties and other small pastas. Cook until done.

This is really a use what you got recipe. Don’t be afraid to experiment!  


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  1. Thanks MJ for posting your instructions. I am going to try this soon. Maybe this week!

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