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Gavin Goodfellow

Quietly, with heart racing like David’s must have been when he prepared to face Goliath, Gavin Goodfellow emerges from Burnt Swamp, ready to put on the armor of God and enter into spiritual battle.

This fantasy/mystery/adventure, written from a biblical perspective, is just as much fun to read as Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia, but it packs a contemporary punch that has the potential to change lives and get kids into their Bibles. A great read for ages 11 and up, adults are enjoying it, too.

Ask your bookstore to order Book One of the Burnt Swamp Trilogy today (ISBN 978-1-886068-03-2)! Contact the author direct for autographed copies, limited edition hardback, student workbook, and teacher’s guide (

If you find this worthy, please pass it on.


Comments on: ""Gavin Goodfellow": Christian Action/Fantasy Novel" (2)

  1. Candy Abbott said:

    Thanks for helping spread the word about Gavin to Christian educators. Would you like a .jpg of the cover to include in your library?

  2. I have not read the book( haven’t found it yet ). When I do I will gladly add it to my library.

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